School Alert

Dear Pearsall ISD parent/guardian,

Our main goal at Pearsall ISD is to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Throughout the year, we will continue to participate in safety and security drills at each campus. Additionally, we will also conduct frequent checks inside and outside our school facilities. We also feel that it is important to keep our school- community stakeholders well informed.

Earlier today, an Intermediate student was found to be in possession of a bb gun and knives while at school. This incident was addressed properly and appropriate action was taken immediately. At no time, were any of our students in danger.

We ask all parents to continue monitoring the items their children bring to school. We will continue to work towards ensuring that all of our students have a safe learning environment and that students feel safe at school.

We thank you for your continuous support as we work together to help our children succeed in school and in life. If you have any questions, please contact my office.


Dr. Nobert Rodriguez

Superintendent of Schools